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A funny thing happened on the way to chicago by kallao.

Words cannot describe how funny I find this photo.

I don't think they meant it literally by toastforbrekkie.

Your car is supposed to be compact before it goes in there….not after.

An unfortunate crash caused by bad parking by two buses... by kevin_suhao_c.

Sometimes, no matter how well you park, the other guy gets you.  Wrong place wrong time

car-accident by Madalin Matica.

This might be the funniest thing I have ever seen.

2C7O9597 by Jerry Thompson1.

I don’t believe that fire is supposed to come out of that part of the car.

Handbrake - what handbrake?  I don't need no steenking handbrake! by -TheDebster-*IS EXCELLENT 100% FACT*.

A key step to the parking process was lost.  It only takes one.

Crash by vin'ice'go.

What’s sad is that this crash was probably started by a stupid little car cutting off one of those big rigs.

Crazy Car Crash by dougall369.

Some things just defy reason or explanation. 

nike football car crash by samalmarr.

If this was my car I’d be torn between laughing and crying.

Rotterdam 7 by Wy@rt.

You need to apply the brakes before you come to that particular part of the building.