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Monthly Archives: March 2009

car crash by Halloween kook:  Baseball guy.

They should go get some shoes from that store since they’ll be jogging for a while while their car is repaired.


Car Crashes Through Home by

If the driver of the car is also the owner of the home their insurance agent is just going to scratch their head.

Car Crash by BenZ.

Hey, even toy car drivers have accidents.

Car crash by Phil Bradley.

I think the driver forgot which direction the wheels are supposed to point

Crashed car by westcoastvol.

Something tells me this crash happened a looooong time ago.

The Jesus Loves You Crashed Car by hannah clan.

At least they’re conveniently located to get the thing fixed.

Crashed cars by Mui Bien.

I think a trip to see cars like this would stop a lot of teen drivers from driving like idiots.

Car Crash by Mathias Biilmann.

Part of a car crash exhibit in Madrid, Spain