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Category Archives: Expensive Cars

2C7O9597 by Jerry Thompson1.

I don’t believe that fire is supposed to come out of that part of the car.


nike football car crash by samalmarr.

If this was my car I’d be torn between laughing and crying.

$1M of Ferrari Trash by Blurry Lenses.

There’s got to be a good story behind this.  Kinda want to know what it is.

Ferrari 599 GTB Burning by wreckedexotics.

This one overheated while doing a race.  I’ll refrain from making hot car jokes for now.

Ferrari F430 Crash by wreckedexotics.

I think this Ferrari might have been used for racing.  Not any more.

Snubnosed Snake gs-b by Quadrofonic Wingnut.

Ouch.  That used to be a really nice Dodge Viper.

Exotic Car Crash by Wasim Ahmad.

I think that used to be a Ferrari.  What a waste.

AUDI R8 crash (4) by LEXION.

That’s just sad.  Such a pretty car

Car crash by Phil Bradley.

I think the driver forgot which direction the wheels are supposed to point