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Category Archives: Sedans

Handbrake - what handbrake?  I don't need no steenking handbrake! by -TheDebster-*IS EXCELLENT 100% FACT*.

A key step to the parking process was lost.  It only takes one.


Crash by vin'ice'go.

What’s sad is that this crash was probably started by a stupid little car cutting off one of those big rigs.

Crazy Car Crash by dougall369.

Some things just defy reason or explanation. 

nike football car crash by samalmarr.

If this was my car I’d be torn between laughing and crying.

Rotterdam 7 by Wy@rt.

You need to apply the brakes before you come to that particular part of the building.

License Plate Irony.  My Wife Parked in a Bad Spot by borkweb.

Sometimes you’re just asking for trouble.  Karma can be a cruel mistress.

oh damn my car lol : noisy le sec by bistoukeight.

There seems to be some pieces of this car missing.

Double Parked by obeck.

There are better ways to find a parking spot.

Crashed cars by Mui Bien.

I think a trip to see cars like this would stop a lot of teen drivers from driving like idiots.

Car Crash by Mathias Biilmann.

Part of a car crash exhibit in Madrid, Spain