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Tag Archives: Wrecked Cars

A funny thing happened on the way to chicago by kallao.

Words cannot describe how funny I find this photo.


Crash by vin'ice'go.

What’s sad is that this crash was probably started by a stupid little car cutting off one of those big rigs.

Crazy Car Crash by dougall369.

Some things just defy reason or explanation. 

nike football car crash by samalmarr.

If this was my car I’d be torn between laughing and crying.

Rotterdam 7 by Wy@rt.

You need to apply the brakes before you come to that particular part of the building.

whoops by vw-busman.

Repeat after me: “The Wheels Go On The Ground.”  Keep that in mind.

License Plate Irony.  My Wife Parked in a Bad Spot by borkweb.

Sometimes you’re just asking for trouble.  Karma can be a cruel mistress.

oh damn my car lol : noisy le sec by bistoukeight.

There seems to be some pieces of this car missing.

$1M of Ferrari Trash by Blurry Lenses.

There’s got to be a good story behind this.  Kinda want to know what it is.

Double Parked by obeck.

There are better ways to find a parking spot.